bacon bits

I woke up this morning thinking about bacon and whether or not I should make some for breakfast.  It’s not really a question since I can find no good reason not to eat bacon. I can hear you saying “Oh but it’s so bad for you.” And you would be right except that I buy the kind without nitrates. I can still hear you going on about the fat. Yes, bacon is fried fat, but without the nitrates  I find I can justify eating crispy fried fat. Not everyday of course, but often.  I just find life goes better with bacon. Almost everyone can relate to bacon. I know Jewish people who do not generally eat pork products but they will eat the bacon. I know vegetarians who have a hard time resisting and usually don’t.

Besides the nearly universal appeal of bacon. I find it comes up more often in conversation than one would think. And in places one would not expect. For instance I recently was part of a family event held at an addiction recovery center. It was an educational weekend designed to help families understand the disease of addiction.  The leader, lets call him Steve, said a lot of funny things. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to be funny, but he was. He had a sort of a lisp and he said things like “No offense honey, but you need aaaaaaaaa lot of therapy”. I may have laughed, which may have been inappropriate.  Maybe Steve felt he had lost his audience when he told them his drug of choice had been martini’s. He was playing to a difficult crowd. These kids were into crystal meth, crack, glue, heroine, Jack Daniels, that sort of thing. It just wasn’t a martini crowd.  So maybe that’s why he decided to go with the bacon analogy. On second thought, it probably wasn’t a conscious decision. That’s just the nature of bacon. It gets under your skin, becomes part of your language.  Still, I was a little surprised, slightly amused and somewhat embarrassed (was he talking to me?) when Steve said outloud,”It’s like me and bacon.” I think there may have been some nervous laughter afterward, I’m not sure. It was an intense weekend. Overwhelming, in fact.  But somehow through all the tears, communication exercises, and pictures of brains riddled with holes, I still managed to remember the line about the bacon. Not only did I remember it but I am actually writing a story about it. About bacon.

I have a history of dieting.  Not the normal weight loss kind of dieting, although I have done some of that too. Mostly I have been on special diets for various health conditions that I won’t bore you with now except to say that I have problems with gluten. Most of these diets were of the low or no carb, lots of protein and some fat, kind. Now when a person is deprived of carbs that person can get cranky, even depressed (I think it’s a scientific fact that carbs make you happy) so one has to find other things to fill the void.  I found bacon was a good substitute for carbs. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to eat a pound of bacon?  I can’t talk about dieting and bacon without mentioning the Atkin’s diet. This was one diet I tried for weight loss. And let me just say how satisfying it was to lose weight while eating a ton of bacon, cheese and eggs.  I couldn’t keep it up though. As much as I love bacon I found myself craving oatmeal and when you start craving oatmeal something is very wrong.

I continue to eat bacon in moderation whenever I feel like it because I’m not into deprivation any more. But if my bacon consumption ever becomes a problem I know an excellent recovery center.


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  1. As I sit here drinking my Chinese herbs as fast as my system will allow me to swallow them, I am wondering where I missed the boat…hmmm…bacon…Chinese herbs…bacon…Chinese herbs. Maybe I better turn over a new leaf.

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