things i have diagnosed myself with: part two

1. stupidity

I had grand intentions and ideas for my post today, but sadly and due to the above mentioned stupidity I can only think small, short thoughts at the moment.

Here’s what happened. I accidentally took my bedtime pill this morning.  The one that makes me sleep soundly all night.  It is 10:38 a.m. and I can barely function. I have a meeting at noon. I have to get up in front of people and sleep (that’s funny, I meant to write “speak”). I can’t believe I did this. Oh, wait… yes I can. I did it once before. Only that time I tried to make myself throw up because the pill I had taken had made me really sick the day before.  Let’s just say I was unsuccessful, would make a terrible bulimic, and I reached a new low in internet research. I hope you, dear reader, never have to google how to make yourself throw up.

Come to think of it there was another incident which lead to this diagnosis:

2. hypochondriac, shopaholic and bad daughter

I was talking to my mom on the phone and I decided it would be a good time to take my pills and browse through Pottery Barn’s on-line store. And I accidentally took too much medication and ordered a new bedroom set and then I started feeling  really warm, but that might be because I had a hot pack on my neck…

My grandmother used to say “Dumb dumb grandma” when she did or said something stupid.  And so I find myself repeating her words in my head, inserting Sarah where grandma used to be.

Good bye for now, dumb dumb Sarah is off the Starbucks for a triple latte.

p.s. The silver lining here, and if you know me you know I always try to find the silver lining (and you also know I have a sarcastic streak), is that my pain is much better.


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