helpful hints

Pay Attention

This is the only way you will be able to tell if your friend’s, acquaintances’, or the cashier’s eyes are glazing over as you honestly but tediously answer the question “And how are you today?”  It’s tempting to share but honesty is not always the best policy. And remember, there are people you can pay for that.

It’s the Little Things

If you can’t do what you want do what you can. Some times I just can’t do any of the things I really want to do. On those days it’s important to remember that small things can make a big difference. Those are the days when I sit myself down and have a little talk with myself. It goes something like this, “okay so you’re not going to climb Mount Everest today, but you could walk out your front door and pick some flowers”, or “today is not the day you are going to redecorate your bedroom but maybe you could make your bed”. This is what I like to call small talk and sometimes it”s the biggest thing I can do for myself.

Put Your Face On

Looking good is the next best thing to feeling good. People sometimes tell me that I don’t look sick. Most of the time I appreciate this and am grateful that I don’t look as bad as I feel. But none of these people have seen me before I shower and blow dry and “put my face on” as my grandmother used to say. Some times I wish that I did look as bad as I feel so that certain people would stop asking me to go grocery shopping and cook them dinner and watch football with them (ok, that last one has nothing to do with feeling bad.)

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